Millions of Americans hit the road on July Fourth weekend, so we thought it would be a good time to review basic rules of the road and driver etiquette. So here’s the official Raleigh & Company Fourth of July Driving Quiz.

You are driving on a major highway when someone passes you in the left lane. Do you:

  1. Do nothing. That’s what happens on highways
  2. Speed up. No one passes me, and that driver must now pay
  3. Immediately move into the left lane without adjusting speed (or signaling) since it seems to be moving faster


You are in the left lane on a large city street. In the right lane, up ahead, you see a car behind a city bus that is approaching a stop. Do you:

  1. Slow down, assuming the car will want to get over to pass the bus
  2. Speed up. Suck it, other car
  3. Why would I even be looking in that lane? It’s not my lane


You are first in a long line at a red light, when it turns green. Do you:

  1. Drive through the light that you were watching, in anticipation of the change
  2. Hold on. I was reading a text. What now?
  3. Hand me the driver’s manual. Let me look up what green means


You have to transport a great deal of furniture, including ladders and large panes of glass. Do you:

  1. Hire movers or rent a moving truck
  2. Get help from friends and securely pack a pickup truck, making multiple trips if necessary
  3. It’ll probably be okay. Let’s go


You need to turn right onto a busy road. Do you:

  1. Wait for an opening in traffic in the nearest lane and then carefully make the turn
  2. Wait for all traffic to clear, in all lanes, in both directions
  3. Wait for the light to turn green and then realize you need to turn left after all


You are in the right lane, approaching a red light. You notice that several drivers behind you have their right turn signals on. Do you:

  1. Move into the left lane so the other drivers behind me can turn right on red
  2. Stay where I am. Why do I care about the other drivers?
  3. Who are these “other drivers” you keep talking about?


You’re driving on the highway when it begins to rain. Do you:

  1. Turn on wipers, if necessary and continue. It’s just rain
  2. Stop immediately and try to figure out what this strange phenomenon could possibly mean
  3. Turn on your emergency blinkers and change lanes. See if it’s raining in all the other lanes too


You’re driving when you realize you need to send someone an emergency text. Do you:

  1. Pull over and send the text
  2. Send the text, being sure to pay close attention … so you don’t misspell anything
  3. Tell the person you’re currently talking with to please wait a second, place the call on hold, then send the text, using voice texting, because you’ve always wanted to learn how to do that, and how hard can it be to figure out?


You need to turn left, crossing busy traffic heading in the other direction. There is no left turn arrow. Do you:

  1. Go halfway into the intersection and wait for an opportunity
  2. Wait until you see no cars at all in the oncoming traffic lane, or until the DOT installs a turn arrow. Both will happen eventually
  3. This is a good time to send those texts we were talking about earlier


You are entering a busy highway. Do you:

  1. I don’t understand the question. Just drive. For the love of God
  2. Come to a complete stop on the ramp, until you’ve established what traffic looks like on the highway
  3. Get into the left lane as quickly as possible, passing people on the ramp, if possible


SCORING: If you answered option 2 to any question, you should never drive again. If you answered option 3, you should not be interacting with society on a regular basis. If you answered option 1 to all questions, pull over and give yourself a pat on the back.

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