Ernest Hemingway

May 23 – May 27. I am gone but will return.


Dr. Seuss

You will not find me at my desk,
Or making copies with the rest.
You will not see me wearing red,
Or with a blue hat on my head.
In the break room making tea,
Is not a place that you’ll see me.
You can check close or far away,
But I am gone on Holiday.


Jack Kerouac

I will be out of the office for the next week and should be back by June 2nd but maybe I’ll never come back because the vastness of this land is burning a hole in me and every time the fire flares up with a piercing WHOOOOOSH I have to go and see how they celebrate all across America and how they love and hate and tolerate each other.

If this is an urgent matter please contact my friend Dean in Iowa and Wyoming and California.


Cormac McCarthy

At noon I will be leaving the office and walking past a dead eyed horde clad in rolled up sleeves and comfort sole footwear through hallways of decay where men sit in boxes like forgotten relics in unvisited tombs.

I will return but will not attempt to divine when because the affairs of men are unknowable things. Whatever order in the universe ferries me from cradle to resting place does so without my consent and won’t be asking for it any time soon. The way of the world is to bloom and wither and my vacation will do the same.


Emily Bronte

I am currently away on holiday but do wish I were here to respond. Truly, you must believe that it pains me to be missing your message. What measure of relief could I possibly find at a time like this? Every second away, knowing that your words are being scattered to the wind, is a pinch to my heart leaving me without breath. How do I leave this abyss of unknowing? My God! My only thought, were all else to perish and only I remained, would be of this moment. Of me being away while you struggle against some automated reply to find me. It’s too much to bear. Too much!


Edgar Allan Poe

Take this message in reply!
And, please do know the reason why
We cannot speak now You and I-
I will be gone for two weeks time
But know that I am doing fine;
I have simply gone away
To find a quiet place to stay,
All of my work is fully done
Am I not entitled to be gone?
All that I took or take
Is but a break within a break.

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