The moral of this week’s Twitter roundup is that Pat McCrory sucks. Personally, I can’t wait for November 8. As a result of HB2, we are losing more than we could have ever imagined. Both NC State, Duke and UNC won regionals in Raleigh before going on to win national titles. Thousands gather every year to watch some of the best collegiate baseball in the nation at DBAP. And finally, the ACC football championship game played at Bank of America Stadium is a major revenue producer for the state. Will Pat ever listen to the people?

On the NCAA and ACC Pulling Out of NC Due to HB2: Pretty self-explanatory, on this one. The ACC pulled seven championship events, while the NCAA confirmed that the Raleigh basketball regionals will be moved. Sigh.


On The Accusations of a Mishandled Rape at UNC: A student at UNC claimed that the university mishandled her rape case involving a student athlete at the university. With the university already under scrutiny for an academic scandal, this isn’t a good look.



Got to Be NC: Dedicated to North Carolina taking so many L’s this past week.



On Everything Related to Sports: Locally, the Panthers won. NC State and UNC won. Duke did not. Former NC State quarterback Jacoby Brissett got the nod after Patriots Jimmy Garoppolo was injured. Everywhere else, there were still some good tweets.


On The Emmys: OH LOOK! Another awards show. I’m just here for the tweets.


Lol Tweet of the Week:


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