Hi everyone. I hope you all had a great week, and were able to enjoy the fall weather over the weekend. I watched half of NC State’s game before deciding that a run would be my best bet. I was correct.

The third and final debate happened last week, which reminds me to encourage you to vote early if you haven’t yet done so. Here is all of the information that you need to know if you are registered to vote in Wake County. I know both candidates are less than stellar options, but just do it.

Read The Point, too.

On the Final Debate: On Wednesday night I excitedly turned on Empire only to find Donald Trump’s orange self staring back at me. It’s safe to say that I was extremely disappointed. I got through 30 minutes, and couldn’t listen for any longer.


On Early Voting: Early voting in North Carolina began on October 20. I already gave you early voting locations, but here are some tweets to go along with it. Wake County had a crazy-large turnout in the first day alone, so expect lines to stay long this week. Just yesterday, 38,258 people in Wake County voted.


On NC State’s Epic Meltdown: A week after nearly defeating Clemson, NC State did the most NC Statiest-thing they could do by getting blown out by Louisville. The final score was 54-13. I felt like I was watching a repeat of the 2014 game against Clemson when the team lost 41-0, except this time it was with a QB who is even more athletic in the form of Lamar Jackson. Sad Doeren, sad Pack.


On Other Triangle Sports News: UNC defeated Virginia over the weekend, while Duke had a bye week. Both the Blue Devils and the Wolfpack had their late night pep rally’s to kick off the basketball season. And finally, UNC’s Theo Pinson is unfortunately sidelined with a foot injury.


LOL Tweets of the Week:


Because It’s Relevant:

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