Donald Trump is our President-elect.

I’m tempted to just leave it at that and call it a wrap for Twitter roundup, but the tweets that resulted from my statement above are too good not to include. To give you all some insight on as to how I compose my weekly roundup, I screenshot any Tweet that I think might fit as I come across them throughout the week, and then compose everything on Sunday night. I usually have a row or two in my camera roll. This week, I had to create an album if that says anything about the degree to which people won’t stop talking about the election and everything related to it.

I’m going to try and keep this as organized as possible, and I hope you stay with me through the good, the bad and the ugly. As always, subscribe to The Point in order to stay up to date with everything happening around the Triangle area on a daily basis.

On Election Results as They Come in: Pretty self-explanatory on this one…


Reactions to Trump Winning: “This can’t be real”, says everyone in unison. Oh, but it is. The dude with no political experience and a proud champion of declaring bankruptcy SIX times is set to take over the Oval Office come January 1. Lord, please protect us. Amen.


Reactions to Clinton’s Loss: If I’m going to use a few words to describe a majority reaction to the Clinton loss, it’s going to be complete and utter shock. No one expected it, and no one saw it coming as Trump continued to rack up the 270 electoral votes needed for the presidency. Lena Dunham still hasn’t tweeted since election night after saying, “I love you all! Tonight we make history! I may or may not wear a bow.” LOL, AWKWARD.


General Election Tweets and Thoughts: Here are all of the other tweets that don’t have to do with a specific Trump win or a Clinton loss in particular, but still needed to be included. Shakin’ my head at the fact that people actually voted for a dead gorilla.


On The Gubernatorial Race: While it’s still “too close to call”, it looks like we should be able to wave goodbye to Pat McCrory. Initially, news outlets were calling a Roy Cooper victory, but said that it was too close, and a current recount is being done. In the meantime, let’s all pray that HB2 gets repealed so we can have nice things again that aren’t the Hula Bowl.


On College Sports (YAY SPORTS, NOT POLITICS!!!!): Duke beat previously ranked #15 North Carolina on Thursday night to take back the Victory Bell in football. NC State pulled out its fifth win against Syracuse (Doeren lives to see another day), and a few other funny things happened in terms of #goacc. Oh, and CLEMSON FINALLY LOST. Bye Felicia.



LOL Tweets of the Week:


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