I’m going to argue that the Monday after Thanksgiving is even worse than the Monday after Christmas. Instead of solely being sad that the holidays are over, you now have roughly 10 extra pounds to lose from three days of non-stop eating and drinking ALONGSIDE being back at work. Whatever. I still greatly appreciate you, Thanksgiving.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday week/weekend with friends and family, and I hope you ate a lot of ham (I say no to turkey). My dad brought up Trump being elected (because of course he did), and arguments ensued. As annoyed as I was that he brought up the issue, I looked on either side of me to find both of my brothers rolling their eyes, while my mom laughed across the table. Essentially, I’m thankful that we all got a few days to be with the people we care about the most and I hope you all got to do that too – in whatever way happiness manifests for you.

Here’s your Tweekly Roundup (get it, weekly Twitter roundup?). Read The Point. And don’t forget to drink lots of water this week. Your body will thank you.

On NCSU Beating UNC: I managed to make it an entire intro without mentioning the fact that my Pack went to Chapel Hill and ruined the Heels hopes of making it to the ACC Championship game in a matter of a few hours. Dave Doeren save his job, and a fight broke out. A good chunk of the entire first quarter was taken over by commercials on ESPN due to technical difficulties, and NC State Sheeetttt must have been nursing a MAJOR hangover to have not shown up to the party. God, I love rivalry week.




On Thanksgiving: Raise your hand if you as well ate 20,000 calories in one day. Yeah, I feel you. Already dreading the gym today.



On Black Friday: Did you know that there’s a WEBSITE for death counts and injuries accrued during Black Friday? I learned that on Thanksgiving this year. I’ve migrated towards online shopping for mostly everything that I need, so I was perfectly content with watching football on the couch. You probably couldn’t have paid me to make it to Walmart this past Friday.




On Fidel Castro’s Death: Cuba’s leader of the revolution died over the weekend, with the announcement coming from his younger brother and successor Raúl Castro (never forget the Obama, Raúl handshake). Taking over the Cuban government in 1959, Castro survived many assassination attempts by the United States. Supporters said that he gave Cuba back to the people, while haters said he was a dictator. Either way, plenty of people still had something to say, including Donald Trump of course.




On the Panther’s Loss: Damn, you guys. Shoot the season to hell. The Panthers now have several loses under three points against opponents, with Sunday’s coming from the Raiders. I’m not sure what’s happened this year, but it’s not pretty. Maybe it’s the curse of Cam’s ugly hats? Or maybe the offensive line is just THAT BAD. Finally, it doesn’t help that Luke Kuechly isn’t playing after a concussion.



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