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Every year, I try to avoid the fair and all of its traffic. For the first time since my freshman year of college, I went on Friday of the past week to film a work-related video. I walked around and took selfie videos, and asked others if I could take pictures of their fried food. I would be ashamed of this, but I realized that there are far worse fairgoers than me and my GoPro. I also rode the Sky Flyer, and was impressed.

All of this to say, if you haven’t been to the fair – use this week to do so. It’s probably a great alternative to the third and final debate between Donald and Hillary on Wednesday night.

Oh, and read The Point.

On The Fair: Might as well transition right in from my introduction. Howling Cow created a new flavor of ice cream just for the fair called Caramel Apple Crisp, and there are a few new ride options. Buy tickets online and you’ll save money.



On UNC upsetting Miami: UNC upset previously ranked #16 Miami on the road over the weekend. After an embarrassing loss the previous week, the Heels came back and handled Miami with ease. Also, Nick Weiler hit 42 and 52-yard field goals. LOOKING AT YOU, BAMBARD.



On NC State Losing to Clemson: The Pack traveled to Clemson and lost on a missed field goal with 2 seconds left. God hates that team. NC State Sheeettt is a very real thing. Afterwards, I went and took a nap for two hours to sleep away the pain. SMH.



On Anything Donald or Hillary-Related: I’m truly dreading November, but until then I’m enjoying all of the comical relief that has come from the two bozos.


On the Panther’s loss (again): The Panthers lost on Monday night, and again yesterday, resulting in a 1-5 start to the season. Not great, Bob. The offensive line is trash, Cam still looked semi-concussed on Sunday, and a return to the Super Bowl is looking LESS THAN OPTIMAL.


On Random Triangle-Related Things:



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