I love doing my weekly Twitter roundup, because it’s usually fun and lighthearted and represents all things relatively simple. With that being said, there also comes a time when social media sheds light on the issues that we can pretend to ignore, but most definitely shouldn’t.

Growing up in Charlotte, you don’t imagine that your hometown could become a national headline. I’ve watched riots in Baltimore and other cities on the news before, and have always been glad it wasn’t somewhere close to home. The other night, I was sad. Just last weekend when I was visiting home, my friends and I ate dinner on the corner of College and Trade St. where the riots were occurring. I texted my younger brother and told him not to leave the house. I called my mom at 10 pm and asked if her and my dad were ok. I stayed up way too late watching the news, intent on going to bed with a peace of mind that my city would be ok.

The moral of the story is that everything is not ok. I don’t want to give you guys some cheesy quote or drawn out saga about my opinion – so I won’t. All I should note is that change comes from within. What’s it going to take for us to understand each other, regardless of religion or race or gender? When are we going to get so tired of the violence, lies and hidden agendas that we give up the fight? I wish I had a simple solution, but unfortunately it’s not that easy. Until then, all I can do is hope for a better tomorrow. Each and every one of you reading this is important and you add value to the world we live in.

Sorry Charlotte stole your shine, Angelina.


On Said Violence in Charlotte: After an African American man, Keith Scott, was killed by a police officer in Charlotte – all hell broke loose. Riots ensued, peaceful protests then happened and the National Guard was sent in. The Panthers still played on Sunday, but the Queen City is still nowhere near being back to normal.



On The Gas Shortage: Remember that time last week when no one had gas and everyone was freaking out? I tried to let my boss give me the go ahead to work from home with no avail. I did, however, pay $2.64 for premium gas on Tuesday night and that made me unhappy. Oh well.  Throwback to when we were all paying close to $4.00 a gallon FOR REGULAR GAS at one point in time.




On the Brangelina Split: This doesn’t need much explaining. The power couple is splitting up after Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. There are *whispers* that Pitt cheated on Jolie, which means that Jolie filing for divorce is his karma. Obviously, Jennifer Aniston memes dominated Twitter for an entire day.



On Jacoby Starting for the Pats: I’m sorry, but this deserves its own section simply because I went to NC State and I’m giving Carolina its own section for beating Pitt, SO THIS IS OK. Even though the former Pack QB didn’t shine, he got the job done. And that makes me so happy. Even if he did end up with a probably thumb injury that needs surgery….#NCStateSheeeeetttt



Go Heels, Go America: The Heels beat Pitt on a touchdown with two seconds remaining. All I have to say about this is that State is probably LOLing at the fact that they fired Canada, who still seems to be doing the same things at Pitt (AKA WTH ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR SLOW OFFENSE?)



*Also, Duke shockingly beat Notre Dame 38-55 in South Bend. Big deal? The Fighting Irish fired their defensive coordinator Sunday morning after the loss.


RIP Arnold Palmer: Ovies said it best, you guys. Pour one out for a legend today.


LOL Tweets of the Week:

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