I think it’s safe to say that everyone is over the election. I haven’t turned on the news once, and I’ve stuck to sports for the past week. Aside from Triangle sports, I decided we all needed a little bit of comical relief for this week’s Twitter Roundup. It’s a short week for most of us, with Thanksgiving on Thursday.

This is one of my favorite times of the year on Twitter, thanks to #ThanksgivingClapback memes. The Good Kermit, Dark Kermit memes are golden as well, along with all of the Obama and Biden memes. I said no election stuff, but those don’t count considering it was Biden’s birthday over the weekend. Without further ado, here is everything that you need to provide you with some laughter on this Monday morning of a short week.

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On Triangle Football: NC State SHOCKINGLY (not shockingly at all) lost at home to Miami. Duke got SMACKED by Pittsburgh, losing 14 – 56. Finally, UNC disrupted the Citadel Bulldogs 10 – 0 season by handily beating them at Kenan Memorial. Aren’t those type of games supposed to be played within the first few weeks? Guess not.

NC State:



Duke: This one single tweet pretty much sums up the majority of Duke’s game against Pitt.




On the Mannequin Challenge: I can’t listen to the Black Beatles song anymore on the radio. I now immediately change it, thanks to the recent fad. I know the Mannequin Challenge is losing steam, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some gems still being made. Here are a few local ones from the past week that are better than a few people holding a pose.


LOL Tweets of the Week: You people are funny, and I appreciate you all so much.


On the Obama/Biden Memes: I wish I could personally meet Joe Biden, because these memes make me want him to be my best friend. I’m not even mad about it.


Thanksgiving Clapbacks: Every year, I look for the beloved #ThanksgivingClabpack hashtag. A lot of the good ones are on Instagram, but you can find plenty on Twitter too. If you’re bored at work this week, just check back in on this hashtag every now and then for entertainment.


* Good to Know * On WRAL’s New Policy: ICYMI, WRAL’s viewers were #heated last week when the station censored out Dave Chapelle’s language during a SNL skit on the debate. WRAL listened, and decided to tweak its policy on what’s allowed during SNL when it airs on WRAL-TV. The station decided that all words are allowed to be heard. PRAISE HANDS.

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