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Happy Memorial Day! I hope you’re spending it doing something other than reading this. Seriously. I shall be searching for a hotdog, or taking a nap. Thanks to all of the veterans and those currently serving as a reminder of why we celebrate a day full of cookouts and baking on the beach in the first place. Here’s this week’s Twitter Roundup featuring all things Kelvin Benjamin, Memorial Day, and more.

On KB Being Out of Shape: The Panthers started OTA’s over the past week, as a picture of wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin surfaced of him looking less than “football-ready.” Whatever that means. As a result, Twitter roasted him. Even though I laugh, here’s my take: It’s May. He’s going to VOLUNTARY workouts. Game’s don’t start for roughly four months. Let. Him. Live.

On Trump and the orb: The president visited Saudi-Arabia to meet with King Salman and President Abdel Fattah el-Sis of Egypt where they all gathered around a glowing orb and placed their hands on it for roughly two minutes. The Internet went wild as a result. If you’re wondering the real reason behind the globe, check this out.

On Memorial Day: As I already mentioned, today is a day when we are supposed to remember those who died serving in active combat. However, a lot of us view it as an extra day off work worth celebrating. With that being said, some people aren’t ok with that. Here are some tweets about it. Including a big YIKES from Wiz Khalifa.

LOL Tweets of the Week:

On the NBA Finals: The stage is set. Aka Bron Bron and Curry & Co. will square off for the third year in a row in the NBA Finals. I really don’t care who wins. What I do know is that haters are still going to hate on Lebron even if he gets another ring.

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