The past week was relatively slow. Personally, the debate at the beginning of the week gave me enough entertainment to last through Sunday. All I have to wonder is how long it’s going to take Lester Holt to recover from that one.

College football didn’t disappoint this week either. Even as a State fan, you’ve gotta give credit to UNC for beating the Seminoles. Search the hashtag #FSUTwitter, and prepare to be entertained.

Make sure to keep up with The Point this week, who helps give me my topics for this glorious thing each week.


On the Debate: Well the first presidential debate took place over the past week and I can honestly say that I had more fun putting Snapchat filters on Donald than listening to him speak. The dude got a lot of his facts wrong, and rambled about 50 different topics in a span of three minutes. *Prayers for November, tbh*


On Triangle Sports: Clearly Duke’s win against Notre Dame was a fluke, because they couldn’t get the job done yesterday against Virginia. Some miles down the road, UNC pulled off an upset against Florida State on a 54-yard field goal. This is why kickers are people too!!! And finally, Dave Doeren’s job is secure for at least another week after beating Wake Forest.



Triangle-related Shenanigans:  



On the Panthers losing yet again: Yiiikkkessss. Yesterday the Panthers rubbed more salt into the wounds of last season by losing to the Falcons in a division matchup. Cam got a concussion, and the team looked sloppy. Better luck next time?



On the Flooding (again): Raleigh didn’t get a lot of the rain, but Durham and other parts of the surrounding area did. Cumberland County schools were cancelled, leaving me to wonder why my work day could not have been cancelled as well. SAD.



LOL Tweets of the Week:


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