It’s finally election week. Can I get a PRAISE GOD, HALLELUJAH?! *And all join me in unison.* No, but really. If you haven’t already voted, get out and do so tomorrow. With that being said, my roommate and I were saying how there’s probably a strong chance for either of these candidates to be impeached. Also, is it reasonable to question if either will receive enough electoral college votes to secure the presidency? Oh yeahhhh, those things actually exist.

Aside from that, the Cubs won a title. Some more sports stuff happened, and that’s all I’ve got for you. Subscribe to The Point if you haven’t already, and enjoy!

On the Cubs Claiming the World Series Title: After 108 years (not a typo), the Chicago Cubs beat the Indians in 10 innings after a rain delay and a tie heading into the ninth inning. One of my friends (who has been a Cubs fan his entire life) texted me and said, “I hope you get to feel this elation one day.” To which I responded, “I won’t. I’m an NC State fan.” Let’s all pour one out for the Cubbies.



On Obama’s Visit to UNC: The POTUS visited UNC’s campus on Wednesday of last week, and essentially scared the crap out of students by telling them that the fate of the entire nation rests in their hands. Casual.



On the Political Scene in General: After news about Hillary’s email scandal pt. 2 was announced, Donald Trump started to make a comeback in the polls. To be honest, I don’t have a slight clue about what’s going to happen but I’m low key convinced that the Illuminati is running this whole show.



#goacc: UNC ensued a beat down on Georgia Tech in football. Duke football lost to Virginia Tech. And the curse of NC State athletics continued as the Pack lost to the Florida State Seminoles after allowing a touchdown in the last several minutes right after safety Shawn Boone dropped an almost-certain game-ending interception. Sigh. Here’s everything ACC-related that’s important.



On Christmas Before Thanksgiving: I went to Crabtree the other day and the mall was LIT with holiday decorations. How dare you try and make the people forget about Thanksgiving? Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas and that time of the year just as much as anyone else, but I also really like eating 10 pounds of food and having a few days off of work as well.



Lol Tweets of the Week:



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