Helllloooo, and happy Monday per usual. It’s been difficult finding topics to cover for this roundup lately with all of the Triangle sports being done until football kicks off again. With that being said, I managed to pull together a few categories that might interest you guys this week. Here’s everything you need to know for this week’s Twitter Roundup featuring the Comey Testimony, Cam Johnson to UNC, and more.

On the Comey Testimony: In case you forgot, Trump fired FBI Director James Comey roughly a month or so ago. This past Thursday, Comey testified, detailing all of his interactions with the president. Afterward, it turned into a snowball of he said, he said, with both Comey and Trump calling each other liars. Once again, this will never end and we still have no idea how Trump and the Russians are involved. GREAT!

LOL Tweets of the Week:

On the NBA Finals: Y’all. The game is rigged. For real. Ahead 3-0, the Warriors had the chance to win it on Friday but instead lost by 21 points to the Cavs. The officiating was terrible, but a longer series = more money for everyone involved. Frankly, I don’t care who wins but I do feel like the Warriors should be able to pull it out. Game 5 is tonight, so we’ll see. Cue the Lebron haters coming out to play if so.

On Johnson to UNC: The debacle is finally over. Cam Johnson, a graduate basketball transfer, has been trying to get a release from Pitt to play his final season of eligibility at UNC. Pitt kept refusing, saying that he would have to sit a year. Finally, the university decided to lift all restrictions on the student as of last week.

Other NC-Related Shenanigans:

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