Raleigh tends to find itself on a lot of lists these days. For the last five years or so, the City of Oaks seems to be the town du jour for website magazine listicles and, “Hey, Raleigh’s hot right now, what can we do on Raleigh?” in editorial rooms across the country. While some lists are based on measurable statistics that more or less make sense,1 others seem a bit more dubious, like Raleigh and Cary tying second for “Most Comfortable Communities.”2

While all of these lists give you a good general idea of Raleigh, they don’t give you a real sense of the place. You’re not getting the real tenderoni as the kids say these days, probably. But fear not easily frightened reader! The ten lists below were all topped by Raleigh as well and will give you a much better feel for the town we call home. Enjoy.

#1 City For Ashley Christensens

#1 City That Is Called Two Cities 3

#1 City For A New Craft Brewery To Open Before You’re Done Reading Th—Another One Just Opened

#1 City That Talks About Its Amphitheater More Than It Uses It

#1 City With Most Residents Under 30 Who Make Fun Of Cary, NC

#1 City With Most Residents Over 30 Who Move To Cary, NC

#1 Most Walkable Cities (House To Car Division)

#1 City So Over Being #1

#1 City For Best NHL Fan Experience 4

#1 City To Raise A List Of Cities

image via NCDOT

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