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I made the mistake of going out downtown on Saturday night. I counted less than a second in between the thunder and lightening. Doesn’t that mean the lightening was striking less than a mile away? I hate storms unless I’m in my bed. Anyway – I came home extremely early to eat macaroni and cheese alone only to find the front entrance of my apartment flooded. I couldn’t go through the front doors. This is my attempt at giving an analogy for what this past week was like. A flood of random things that happened on a national and local level. Don’t forget to read The Point this week, because it is cool and great and informative and funny. Cheers to having a stellar work week, people.

On all things Donald Trump/Mike Pence: Donald Trump finally chose a running mate. Someone who he apparently wasn’t 100% on just hours before the selection, I should add. Some quality tweets were the result. T ‘N P 4EVER!!!!



On Pokemon Go: Yes, I’m including Pokemon Go again this week. One of our very own (Hello, Hayes) made a stellar video about the phenomenon that’s taken over the entire nation. So for the second week in a row – here are the best Pokemon Go tweets.



The QTNA (Question That Needs An Answer) Tweet:

LOL Tweets of the Week:


On the ESPYS: The ESPY Awards took place in the last week. Russell and Ciara looked bomb arriving as husband and wife for the first time. Craig Sager received a higher approval rating than Donald Trump ever will from his speech, and NBA players used their voices to speak out against the recent shootings.


On Triangle-related Shenanigans: Hmmm, let’s see here. Raleigh flooded for starters. HB2 is obviously still causing problems. And A WOLFPACKER GOT SOME LEGIT MONEY!! Go Pack.

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