People are people, that’s it and that’s all
No matter how little, no matter how tall

No matter where born or which direction they pray
No matter if straight, transgender, or gay

People all poop!
People all pee!
Most people get cranky when
they need to eat!

It’s likely most people
both near and afar
have heard the phrase

everybody makes mistakes

And that phrase, it works in our brains
We don’t edit it down based on skin color or race
We hear it we process we think ‘oh yes that’s right’
because people aren’t perfect, not even (or especially) whites.

so if you hate blacks
and want to slaughter the Jews
or think every brown man with a beard
is out to kill you,

I have some advice and
I have some good news:
Terrorists aren’t so scary dangerous or bad!
. . . At least when compared to gun deaths in our native land.

Check it, did you know that
According to the FBI1
In the year two thousand fourteen
eighty-eight Americans were shot dead each day
fifty-eight shot themselves
the other thirty were slain
and check it here’s where it gets sadly amazing
in the same year of two thousand fourteen
acts of terror
killed fourteen


Every five hours in this country of ours
14 people were shot to death.

So it just seems
that i dunno maybe
we don’t need to fear
Islam, refugees or their babies

like, you know, compared to


People are people, that’s it and that’s all
We all wake up and see the same sun in the sky – we do!
And some people got lucky
and were born American and white

Love tends to win, in case you haven’t noticed
And that means, friends
Love stamps out hate
Grind it out like a damn cigarette
And sure some smoke will still linger
And fear and self doubt will regather
And right I said I have good news:

If you feel fear or disdain
towards those different than you,

your Value is high!
your heart and your name!
Absolutely, you matter,


All of those other
People who are People,

Their value?

Just as high.

Their Hearts and their Names.

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