I don’t care for Kanye West or his music. I respect him as an artist, but I am not a fan. He’s just not my cup of tea. It’s not the genre of music I don’t like. I like rap/hip hop and I appreciate the fact that Kanye is one the most influential artists of our time. I mean, I respect the work of Bob Dylan too, but I don’t own any of his work.

I think one reason I don’t care for Kanye’s music is that he seems unhappy. He just seems like he would be a real drag to be around. I get the constant scowl and brash behavior is an image thing or overcompensating for some personal emotional issues, but good grief, can you smile once in a while KW? I often ponder why Kanye seems to be such a Debbie Downer.

I also wonder is Kanye getting the support he needs. I’m sure “yes men” surround him and fuel his ego to the point where it’s surprising he’s not drowned in his own hubris. But is he getting positive reinforcement? Does he have a supportive guy?

One of my favorite local Twitter follows these days is Supportive Guy. He’s my second favorite local anonymous Twitter handle (local legend William N. Finley IV rules) and his tweets just bring a smile to my face. He just makes you feel good. In a sports analogy, he’s a “locker room guy” or “glue guy”, a good teammate who can bring the team together. Even outside a sports analogy, we all know a person like Supportive Guy, at work or within your family. Their positivity is infectious and you just know everything going to be all right when they’re around.

So I asked Supportive Guy (SG) if he could tweet at Kanye every day for a week and send him some positive mojo. Not praising his work or stroking his ego, but rather giving him some unconditional support. Here’s what SG tweeted:


If you were Kanye, you would just want to run through a brick wall, right?!? Surely these kinds words would turn any frown upside down. Alas, Kanye did not tweet back so we don’t know if our encouraging arrows penetrated that boorish hide. But what if it did?

What if SG’s positive reinforcement via social media provided Kanye with the encouragement or emotional help he needed? Would he reciprocate this positivity to his Twitter followers? Would he be squelching feuds instead of engaging in them? Would he refer to himself in the third person as opposed to the first? Instead of asking for money, would he donate money? It’s hard to fathom what Kanye could accomplish if he had a sunnier disposition.

I guess being a “supportive dude” to millions of fans and followers would not be all that fulfilling.


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