jimmykimmelGame of Thrones, Veep and The People v. O.J. Simpson won the major awards, Julia Louis-Dreyfus won a record fifth consecutive Emmy for lead actress in a comedy, Sarah Paulson apologized to Marcia Clark and Jimmy Kimmel’s mother made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for everyone at last night’s Emmy Awards.

Jimmy Kimmel > Jimmy Fallon. Kimmel delivered three Donald Trump jokes in his monologue and set up Jeb Bush for another one in the cold open. When Trump appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last December, Kimmel challenged his proposed ban on Muslims entering the United States: “Isn’t it un-American and wrong to discriminate against people based on their religion?”

Jimmy Fallon makes Kimmel look like Edward R. Murrow. Fallon acted irresponsibly Thursday night during Trump’s appearance on his show. He asked the Republican presidential candidate why the “kids watching at home” should want to grow up and be president. They joked about board games and fast food. Finally, Fallon mussed Trump’s orange hair.

Fallon is not a journalist. But he should be a concerned citizen. He should be a thinking comedian. He is not. He is a master of ceremonies, a master of cuteness. He and James Corden, who won an Emmy for singing with celebrities in an automobile, are silly. They are big man babies, every girl’s best friend. Late night used to be a place for conversation and irony. Now it’s where Fallon plays Drinko, Egg Russian Roulette, Box of Lies and Jell-O Twister … and the twentysomethings in his audience find this 4-year-old birthday party entertaining.

His interview with Trump wasn’t entertaining. Fallon humanized a racist, xenophobic, misogynistic serial liar, a man with dangerous ideas. He was an enabler, a mob wife. There was no reason to have Trump on The Tonight Show. Other than ratings.

Seth Meyers, who follows Fallon at 12:35 a.m., banned Trump from Late Night in June.

Bill Maher is late night’s most original thinker. His series — Politically Incorrect and Real Time — have been nominated for 19 Emmys and never won.

David Letterman exposed Donald Trump as a fraud before he retired last year.

Kimmel has always been a poor man’s Letterman. But at least he’s trying.

The four comedy acting awards were all won by women or men playing women or men playing men who identify as women. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Veep) won lead actress, Kate McKinnon (Saturday Night Live) supporting actress, Louie Anderson (Baskets) supporting actor and Jeffrey Tambor (Transparent) lead actor.

Gov. Pat McCrory could not be reached for comment.

Maggie Smith is so cool that she doesn’t attend trophy shows. Smith won her third Emmy for Downton Abbey and failed to show up again. She also didn’t attend the Academy Awards in 1970, when she won Best Actress, nor the Golden Globes in 1987, when she won Best Supporting Actress.

Maggie Smith was unable to be here tonight. We accept this award on her behalf.

Game of Thrones won Outstanding Drama Series for the second consecutive year. The best adaptation of Dungeons & Dragons since the 1980s.

Veep won Outstanding Comedy Series for making a joke out of politics. Donald Trump was unable to be here tonight. We accept this award on his behalf.

The People v. O.J Simpson won Outstanding Limited Series. O.J. Simpson was unable to be here tonight. We accept this award on his behalf.

Three black actors and one Egyptian actor won Emmys. RuPaul won for outstanding reality host. Key and Peele won Outstanding Variety Series. The Emmys are a reverse negative of the Academy Awards, although not idyllic. …

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