Everybody say it now:

Science, not silence!

That was the rallying cry in downtown Raleigh over the weekend, at the March for Science. Demonstrations were held across the country, with our local march drawing thousands of people to downtown Raleigh.

An impressive showing, for sure. But the best part was, of course, the signs! Here are the best signs we saw out on the streets this Saturday:


We like the sincerity and solid craftmanship. Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, however.









Pros: Direct and to the point -makes a clear case for the integral role adequate federal funding for the sciences plays in maintaining our critical infrastructure and resources. Cons: Questionable color palette.








Provocative theory. Brand loyalty is admirable. We do wonder about Elon Musk’s plan for averting nuclear war with North Korea though.









Great Trump face, but come on, you couldn’t just get a bigger sign? Also, the lab coat a mustache are a nice touch.









A new spin on an old classic. We think this young lady might be getting a call from the Clinton 2024 people…









Good use of meme here. Extra points for the Austin Powers reference -comically outrageous villains are so in right now.






Good point. Also good use of candy wrapper trash. We always appreciate recycling.










So Fetch. Mean Girls references will always get you bumped up a  few spots.









We appreciate the artist’s use of smoke-stack imagery evocative of mushroom clouds here. It really challenges the viewer to make a direct connection between human pollution and human mortality. Plus, it was double-sided.









Ha! Get it? If you don’t sorry, but you’ll have to break out the high-school algebra textbooks and figure it out. Extra points for being puny AND nerdy.









This one was a crowd favorite. Great use of three-dimensional space and repurposed materials. Also: TINY DOLL BABY HAND FOR THE WIN!









Basically a Sonic Youth album cover. These two are exactly what we want to be when we get older.










Okay, she isn’t technically a “sign,” but she is adorable and she was passing out stickers that said “Advocate for Science”. For us, that’s good enough for 2nd place!










Hehe! We don’t what it is about this guy, but we love him! His sign, though somewhat crude in its construction, speaks to the message of the whole march, and his grinning optimism is an example to us all.

Congrats, tombstone-sign guy! You officially had: The Best Sign at the Raleigh March For Science!








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