Courtesy WRAL’s Go Ask Mom

Kids Together Playground at Marla Dorrel Park in Cary opened 17 years ago, when two girls, who were only six and seven at the time, helped lead efforts for the handicapped-accessible playground years ago. It’s now probably one of the most popular playgrounds in the Triangle and one of my very favorites.

I like it because it’s different. The play equipment is scattered across a gorgeous landscape, especially this time of year. And the landscaping is part of the whole experience, providing different smells and textures for kids to explore.

There are lots of climbing structures, from the main piece at the center of the park to the dragon. When my older daughter was a toddler, we spent most of our time in the large sand play area. (Just remember to bring some sand toys. We always ended up having to borrow them from smarter moms who came prepared). There are swings for both toddlers (toward the front of the park near the sand play area) and bigger kids, along with swings that are handicapped accessible.

The park is finalizing plans for a long-awaited misting station at the playground, which will be a misting garden located near the main climbing structure. A water feature was part of the original plan for the park but was never completed because of budget constraints.

The misting garden is in the design phase and should be installed in 2018.

Check out Go Ask Mom’s video review here.

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