14961829054_25677820ef_b Whether you’re new in town, looking to stock your kitchen, or you’re attempting a new recipe, at some point, you’ll need information on grocery stores in the Triangle. Everyone has a favorite go-to grocery store, but occasionally, everyone is tempted to wander. Looking for the cheapest cat litter? An obscure type of meat? A lint brush? At some point, you’ll be looking for information on who sells what for how much, and that’s when you’ll find out what we did … Google isn’t much help. You can ask friends and neighbors, but there’s no convenient, unbiased evaluation of all of your shopping options in the Triangle. We decided to do something about that. We’re building a comprehensive list of supermarket and food store reviews … your one-stop spot for shopping information.   rubric


  A supermarket gets between 0 and 10 points for each category, totaling 100 points. Categories:

  1. Convenience (0 – 10): Parking, number of carts available, number of open cash registers, self-checkout option, Express lane, hours, etc.
  2. Cleanliness and Attractiveness (0 – 10): How clean are the floors? Are the shelves stocked and organized? What is the environment like?
  3. Food Quality (0 – 10): How fresh is the fruit, meat and cheese? What about the vegetables?
  4. Pricing (0 – 10): How much it costs for “staple items” compared to other supermarkets in the Triangle.
  5. Comparison Shopping (0 – 10): How many different brands of toilet paper are there? What about things like soup or dog food? How good is their variety of items sold?
  6. Organization (0 – 10): How long does it take to find non-traditional items? Stuff you don’t need every week. For example: Light bulbs, rubbing alcohol, colored pencils, Advil, mousetraps, Sloppy Joe mix.
  7. Selection (0 – 10): Most interesting on-sale items displayed. Most interesting clearance items. Most interesting impulse buy items.
  8. Creativity (0 – 10): Do they carry off-the-wall items? Ex. A jicama, sewing kit, Andouille sausage, fatback, etc.
  9. Extras (0 – 10): What type of in-store extras can be found? Ex. Pharmacy, bank, Eat-in buffet, salad bar, etc.
  10. Service (0 – 10): Are there people available around the store? Are they helpful? How are the cashiers?





Stores and scores are listed below. Click on each logo for category-by-category scores and a detailed review:
















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