Glenwood South Pharmacy & Market Review

It’s time for another Grocery Store Review! To be completely honest, I’m not quite sure if you can call this one a grocery store, but it’s still pretty legit. For those who live in or close to downtown Raleigh and don’t like driving to Harris Teeter for groceries, it’s time you check out Glenwood South Pharmacy & Market. Think Rite Aid on steroids, or the gas stations in Atlanta. If you’ve never been to a gas station in Atlanta, you can buy white bread there. But that’s beside the point. Back to Glenwood South Pharmacy & Market.

Located on the ground floor of The Gramercy apartments, you can find locally sourced groceries, wine, craft beer, and obviously – a pharmacy. Check it out today, or just read my review first to see if it sounds like you’d rather fight the Harris Teeter parking lot instead.

Convenience: 5/10

Obviously, it’s hard to do well in this category when you’re in the middle of downtown Raleigh where there’s already no parking to begin with. With that being said, I’d give this a 10 for convenience if I lived within walking distance of the market. However, getting here for the majority of people not living within the vicinity is going to be tricky. There’s parking for the pharmacy on-site, but not much. This means that you’ll have to find metered parking somewhere along Glenwood.

As far as carts go, I only saw two small carts. There was a decent amount of baskets, and that’s all you probably would need when choosing to shop here. My best explanation of this grocery store is that it’s not the place you go to do a huge shopping. You’re most likely going to be grabbing a few things for tonight’s dinner and heading out.

As far as self-checkout goes, there was none. However, where the market makes up for it is in its home delivery service. They offer this service for medicine and basic health essentials in the neighborhood. They offer delivery service both ITB and OTB.

Cleanliness & Attractiveness: 10/10

The Glenwood South Pharmacy & Market is extremely well kept. You can tell that the owners care about the appearance, and want it to be a pleasant experience for the shopper. All of the shelves were stocked and everything was organized in a matter that was easy to find. All of the cases were labeled, the floors were clean, and the environment was somewhere I’d like to go back to.Glenwood South Pharmacy

Food Quality: 8/10

If it’s freshness you’re craving, this market is sure to have just that. The best part about a small business is the fact that they can work with local entities, and that’s what Glenwood South Pharmacy & Market does. Fruits and vegetables are delivered weekly from the Farmer’s Market in Raleigh, and I could tell by looking at them. The bananas weren’t even ripe yet, that’s how fresh they were. As far as lettuce goes, they had several kinds of pre-packaged lettuce, as well as heads of fresh lettuce to choose from. Sticking with the local theme, the market offered Counter Culture coffee from Durham in bags for purchasing.Glenwood South Pharmacy

There’s a self-serve station that included packaged sandwiches, soups, and salads. It reminded me of Trader Joe’s with all of the choices, and I was happy to see that.

My personal favorite was the Blue Bunny case in front of the store, but there was also plenty of wine and even a Beer Cave. A what? Yes. A beer cave for all of your craft brew and micro-brew needs.

The only reason for a loss of points here is that they had a lot of frozen things. There’s nothing wrong with frozen food, but I wouldn’t want to buy my bacon or chicken from here. While they offered pre-packaged chicken sausage and deli meat, I would like to see more freshness in that department.

Prices: 6/10

I usually use a list of things to rate this category, but I couldn’t find everything so I’ll give you what I did find. For the most part, I’d say that this market is a bit pricey. With that being said, you are in downtown Raleigh where everything is a bit pricier than the norm. Take it how you want it. Here’s a list of a few things I could find to compare. The first price listed is the Glenwood South Pharmacy & Market price. The second is Harris Teeters.

Gallon of milk – $4.39 vs. $3.59

A dozen Eggs – $2.19 vs. $1.59

Bananas – $0.19 vs. $0.39

Cereal – $2.19 for Corn Flakes vs. $2.79

Detergent – $3.00 (brand name) vs. $7.00 (Tide)

Package of chicken breast – $8.99 vs. $5.49

Ice cream – $5 pretty much uniform throughout

8 Markers – $1.00 (that’s a steal, by the way)

Comparison Shopping: 5/10

As I previously stated, you wouldn’t shop here if you were searching for a wide variety of selections to choose from. Due to its size, the store only has a few different brands of everything. A lot of them I hadn’t heard of before. Once again, I’ll compare a few items to Harris Teeter just for reference. However, I think the market would be the perfect spot to run down to if you were out of toilet paper and were in dire need without needing top-notch softness. Who wants to spend $15 on toilet paper anyway?

Toilet paper – I found two brands of toilet paper, Charmin and Panda. At Harris Teeter, there were roughly seven brands offered. For paper towels, I also found two brands – Bounty and Hy-Top. I have never heard of Hy-Top or Panda, but at least they give you two brand names to choose from.

I counted five brands of dog food. Because everyone and their mother has a dog in downtown Raleigh, this makes sense. Harris Teeter has somewhere close to 13 brands, but five is a lot for how small the store is.

Organization: 9/10

The market is very organized. The pharmacy is off in its own section, with the market being completely separate. The pharmacy section has everything that you could ever want,Glenwood South Pharmacy

The outskirts of the store are the cold/dairy items, while the aisles are filled with things like soups, baking supplies, etc.

All of the school supplies were together, along with other things of that sort you might need. I was able to quickly find Raid anti-roach spray, and everything frozen was in cases grouped together by how it made sense.

The Beer Cave had its own label, as does the Self Serve section. There was also an ice cooler and bathrooms were off to the side next to the pharmacy, which makes sense.

Selection: 6/10

I touched on this in the comparison shopping category, but the selection isn’t what you’d find at a large supermarket. However, you do have to take into consideration the nature of the store so I don’t think it’s totally fair to knock it in this category. While there’s no fresh flowers or anything of that sort, I was able to find a rack full of sunglasses and a section of birthday cards.

There were plenty of baking supplies for that last minute cake you forgot you told your mom you’d bring, as well as an entire wall of ACE bandages. Injuries, AMIRIGHT?

I didn’t notice things being on sale. I feel like this is more of a “This is the price. Take it or leave it” type of market. Maybe there were lots of sales and I just wasn’t paying attention. Regardless, the selection here is good enough to find what you want, but not great enough to say with confidence that you’ll be able to find that peculiar item that you could have otherwise found at a larger chain store.

Creativity: 8/10

Shockingly, I found a lot of random items that I would definitely consider to be “off-the-wall” at the Glenwood South Pharmacy & Market. For starters, a virtual reality headset for $20.00. I’d be willing to bet that it doesn’t work too well for that price, but hey, it’s still offered. There were several other toys including dolls and a water balloon bomb for when you might need something quick to entertain your children.

Business socks, tights, and nursery purified water were several other items I saw that caught my attention. Don’t ask me what nursery purified water is, but it sounds cool. I think it has something to do with babies.

In the pharmacy, there were a few items such as tools to assist handicapped people that you definitely wouldn’t be able to find at Harris Teeter. Props to the market in this category.

I wasn’t able to find a jicama or fatback, but I did find andouille sausage so I think that counts for something.

Extras: 7/10

The most obvious “extra” to offer would be the pharmacy and its delivery service. Not many large supermarkets have in-store pharmacies. That’s where the majority of this category’s points come from. You’d have to go check out the pharmacy for yourself to see just how fabulous it is.

Aside from that, there were several other things that made me give this category a seven. At the entrance, there’s a Wells Fargo ATM. None for you, Bank of America. Outside, there were several tables for enjoying lunch at while you observe Glenwood South. A lottery machine was also located in the store, because who doesn’t like to gamble?

Service: 10/10

Right when I walked in, I was greeted by an employee. He then came up to me several minutes later and asked if I was looking for anything in particular. Although I blame it on carrying around a notepad around the store, he didn’t look at me like I was some sort of weirdo. When I told him what I was doing, he insisted I meet the owner of the store.

The owner was a kind elderly man, who shook my hand and asked if there was anything he could do to help. He said that he’d be glad to answer any questions I had and was extremely nice.

When my friend and I checked, they both waved and smiled. I would 100% recommend going here if you’re looking for a friendly encounter with the employees.

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