“I named them after my brothers, Viserys and Rheagar. They’re both gone now.”

While Cersei’s machinations and Jamie’s military maneuvering tilted the scales in favor of #TeamLannister, those crucial developments got second billing to a meeting six years in the making. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen were destined to cross paths, but the execution and dialogue of the interaction were flawless– from Davos’s concise introduction to Jon and Tyrion once again conversing at the edge of a very high place.

Yet, buried in all the listing of titles and banter was the above — seemingly a throwaway line about Daenerys’s two “other” dragons. While she may be the mother of dragons, she only is capable of riding one at a time. In other words, the two most valuable free agents in Westeros are still unsigned. So without further ado let’s play Dragon Matchmaker!

DrogonBlack with red markings, named after Khal Drogo.

The largest of the three dragons probably doesn’t even need to be included, given that Daenerys has already tamed Drogon. But just to be logically exhaustive, Drogon was named after Dany’s “Sun and Stars” and also the man who promised to deliver her the Iron Throne. Oh and Red and Black are the colors of House Targaryen.

RhaegalGreen with bronze markings, named after Rhaegar Targaryen

The biggest hint here is the name. When last season’s finale confirmed that Jon was not truly Ned’s bastard but rather the son of his sister Lyanna, it all but sealed the decades old theory that Jon has Targaryen blood. While the “common knowledge” version of the story in Westeros goes that Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna, there were always subtle hints in the books 1 that rather than being kidnapped, Lyanna stole away with the prince willingly.

The confirmation that Jon is Lyanna’s son gives credence to that theory, though it seems more of the story is forthcoming. Rhaegar being Jon’s father matters in a lot of ways — not least among them is the fact he actually has a better claim than Daenerys — but his true parentage also makes him a pretty natural fit to ride Rhaegal.

Viserion White with gold markings, named after Viserys Targaryen

Here’s the tricky one. Unlike Drogon and Rhaegal, there isn’t an obvious fit here. The color/markings may slightly point to Tyrion — gold is one of the Lannister colors and Tyrion as a “secret Targaryen” has long been a common fan theory. However, even putting my personal disdain for that theory aside, Tyrion fulfilled his destiny when Daenerys named him Hand of the Queen — his skill lies in strategy, not battle.

Sticking with the color theme, the cream color has lead some to associate Viserion with snow and winter — thus pegging him to either be warged into by Bran Stark or perhaps even killed and reanimated by the Night’s King. While a Dragon vs Ice Dragon showdown seems like great spectacle, ultimately neither Bran or the Night’s King are the leading candidate.

Who is then? No one. Qyburn rolling out Chekov’s ballista laid the groundwork for one of the three dragons biting the dust. With Drogon and Rhaegal claimed, that leaves poor Viserion as the odd one out. Supporting that theory, of Aerys’s three children, only Viserys’s bloodline has been extinguished. The best bet is that Viserion is killed before any rider has a chance to claim him.

  1. Bah Gawd that’s the books’ music!
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