Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim and Oklahoma coach Lon Kruger both opened their postgame press conferences by calling out the haters of their respective teams, for really knowing their basketball.

“All season long, we heard from the media and the fans that we weren’t all that good, that we didn’t belong in the national championship discussion,” Kruger began his postgame remarks. “I think we showed tonight that all those people were totally right.”

“People said we had no shot against Villanova,” he continued. “That we weren’t good enough. That we’d get run out of the gym. I hope you all placed a bet on the game, because you couldn’t have been more on point with that!”

Boeheim also took time to credit the haters after his team lost to North Carolina.

“You all scoffed when I said before the game that the toughest thing to do in sports is to beat a team three times in a season,” Boeheim said. “Good job by all of you.”

“Everyone said we didn’t deserve a NCAA bid,” Boeheim continued. “And then we go and lose by 17 in the Final Four. Sorry for ruining your night.”

“I told my team before the game, ‘It’s all about us. It’s us against the world.’ Well, turns out the world is pretty darn tough to beat,” Kruger said.

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