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In a scathing rant on social media, the UNC time-outs ripped coach Roy Williams and demanded an increased role on the team, going forward.

The Twitter rant comes after one of the time outs reportedly had an emotional locker room outburst after Wednesday’s loss to Duke. Sources say that managers had to physically restrain the time out from going after a member of the coaching staff.

“I’m right (bleeping) here,” the time out could be heard shouting from behind closed doors. “You can’t (bleeping) miss me.”

“Duke used all of its time outs,” the time out said, according to multiple sources. “And look who won the game.”

Sources close to the team would not comment on whether the expletive-laden confrontation was with Williams or one of the assistants. A visibly shaken Williams met with the media a short time later but didn’t comment on the incident. The time outs left in a group, refusing to speak to reporters. “Talk to someone who got into the game,” one of them was heard mumbling as they walked past the assembled media.

Members of the team seemed confident that the incident would blow over.

“We’re a family,” one unnamed player said, “and you don’t fight with anyone like you do with your brothers.”

“The time outs know we love them,” he continued. “We wouldn’t be where we are without them. It’s a next-man up situation. They have to be ready for when their number is called.”



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