Divorce is a pain. Just ask any of the millions and millions of U.S. divorcees and they’ll tell you, straight up. It’s lonely, it’s awkward, it just pretty much sucks.
Perhaps one of the most challenging parts is the void for women who used to have husbands they could hand off a to-do list to every Saturday morning, things that needed fixed or cleaned up or just handled while they went for a monthly mani/pedi or shopping day with the girls.
“That’s when it hit me,” said Cindi Lupinski, owner of Raleigh’s whiz-bang startup Sprig Pharmaceuticals. “I was sitting there soaking my fingers when I had what I’m sure will be a billion-dollar idea: RENT-A-HUSBAND.”
Thanks to the soon-to-be-launched Rent-A-Husband app, Midtown Raleigh is hot on the heels of downtown Raleigh as the region’s hotbed for start-up tech companies.
“We wanted to be closer to the divorcee energy OTB, so we chose North Hills for our headquarters. Downtown Raleigh has too many happy millennials hanging out on every corner,” Lupinski said.
“All of our focus groups pretty much said the same thing. Everyone’s had enough with the whole Not-OK-Cupid and Cinder scene. Just how many coffee dates can one person handle? So we decided to mashup swiping right with real around-the-house jobs that need a man’s touch.
“Women love it. After a couple of quick texts they get the benefits of having a guy come hang out in a tool belt slinging around RIDGID power tools without the hassles of actually being married. And guys dig it too. A lot of them, stuck living in an apartment after they lost everything in the divorce, miss the satisfaction of a job well done working with their hands,” she explained.
Derek Major, entrepreneurship guru for the Triangle, agreed. “We see this as a win-win for Raleigh’s exploding startup scene as just one more example of seeing a need and filling it. Now Raleigh’s WedPics can kick off the love game and Rent-A-Husband can clean up the mess.”
And if love blooms between all the sweaty pounding and drilling? That’s a real win-win.
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