An aspiring NFL writer complained that the bench press, a typical test for reporters hoping to enter the field, is an outdated test and not the best way to measure a journalist’s strength.

“Can you ask the tough questions? Are you able to stand your ground in pursuit of the truth,” Northwestern journalism school grad Gary Sandler said, after he was unable to lift the 225-pound barbell even once during the sports media combine. “Those are the true measures of a writer’s strength.”

Sandler’s agent, Sonny “Lefty” Garmon, came to his client’s defense.

“We’re not sure how Gary’s bench-press numbers were released to the public,” he said. “We find it reprehensible that he would be subject to mockery and derision in this way.”

“There was also no reason for anyone to comment about the way he grunted while trying to lift the bar,” Garmon continued.

Solely for comparison purposes, here’s a look at the average bench press reps for various professions:

Job Bench press reps
NFL player 16
Lumberjack 15
Military 12
Firefighter 8
Construction worker 8
Accountant 2
Sports journalist 1

Sandler also blasted the 40-yard dash, which he was unable to complete.

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