We all know Die Hard is the greatest Christmas movie of all time. It’s my favorite movie regardless of genre or category. I could probably watch it an endless number of times without tiring of it. It’s pretty awesome.

I’m not alone in this opinion. Steven Muma, editor of SBNation’s Backing The Pack and cohost of a podcast bearing the same name, shares my deep affinity for Die Hard. In recent years around Christmastime, the two of us have live tweeted a synchronized viewing of the film that folks could follow along as we made our annual pilgrimage through the halls and unfinished floors of Nakatomi Plaza.

The live tweets are fun, but they also clog up our followers’ timelines. I wanted to try a little something different this year. Steven and I have put together a special podcast that’s meant to be played in conjunction with the film. We both watched the film at the same time, recorded our thoughts and one-liners, and have made, in essence, an unauthorized commentary track you can listen to as you watch Die Hard right along with us.

The synchronization step of the podcast with the movie is the crucial part of making this work. It may seem tricky, but it’s not too hard. If the film gets going and you can tell your timing is off by a tad, figure out which part is ahead (either the film or our commentary) then quickly pause and un-pause it until it falls in line with the other.

Here’s how to sync the podcast with the movie:

1. Start the film. After the 20th Century Fox intro and the movie begins, you’ll see a plane landing. The INSTANT the wheels hit the tarmac and you hear the screech of the landing gear, hit pause. Your screen should like like this:

2. Start the podcast.
3. After a rambling intro, I’ll give you a countdown. 3-2-1-PLAY!
4. When I get to the word “play,” hit play.
5. You should be in sync at that point. Again, if one element seems ahead of the other, quickly pause and then un-pause it a few times until it falls in sync.
6. Once you’re rolling and synced up, there’s no stopping the movie. If either side pauses or stops, you pretty much have to start back over from the beginning. This train leaves the train station without any brakes, so to speak.

That’s it! It’s ‘s a fun way to hear our thoughts while you watch the movie in the process, and it’s something you can do when you’re free to watch the film versus whenever we were able to do the live tweet.

I hope you enjoy, and may all of your negotiable bearer bonds be safe from the clutches of Hans.

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