Grammy Awards

Happy UNC-State Week! LOL JUST KIDDING. Don’t have a heart attack, y’all. I’m not a delusional Pack fan. However, we did have a delightful week last week with the Carolina-Duke game, Moral March, and more. Then last night was capped off with the Grammy Awards. Here’s this week’s Twitter Roundup. Hope you guys have a stellar day.

On the UNC-Duke Game: Kennedy Meeks got BODIED by Jason Tatum. Red Panda effed up. Joel Berry missed free throws (gasp). Luke Maye started. Williams and K talked for more than a handshake post game, and Duke won. What. A. Game.


On State Basketball’s Meltdown: After beating Duke, the Pack forgot how to do that thing where you bounce the ball and get it down the court and into the opposing basket. They also lost to Wake Forest by 30 points. Not a typo. Wednesday vs. a UNC that just lost to Duke should be tons of fun. *shields eyes*


On the Grammy Awards: All I’ve got to say is that J-Lo is 20+ years older than me, and looks better than I do. SMH.


On the Moral March: There was the 80,000 number circulating around, but I don’t think that many people took to downtown Raleigh for the Moral March. Regardless, people are still voicing their opinion for the strong desire to repeal HB2. Please, God.


On Trump-Related Shenanigans: I keep thinking that each passing week will be the week that all of the post-election crap will finally die down, both in relation to Trump being crazy and people causing drama, BUT NOPE. I can’t even keep up.


Pre-Valentines Day: Becauseeeee, single forever.


LOL Tweets of the Week:


On the Weather: OH THE GLORIOUS WEATHER. I’m convinced that everyone is happier when it’s warm outside. Not summer hot, obviously, but how it felt over the entire weekend. Bring on April, please.

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