DisapprovalNOTHING MAKES SENSE. The ACC is a tossup when it comes to who’s going to win. Donald Trump is trying to build a wall AND ban Muslims. How did we let this happen? The weather went from 73 to 45 degrees within two days last week, and Raleigh was named one of the top 12 places in the entire world to visit. Here’s this week’s Twitter Roundup featuring all things related to Trump’s disapproval, the ACC, and more.

#goacc: If you haven’t been keeping up with ACC basketball lately, it’s a $H!T show. No games can be predicted, despite previous records and what should happen. All of the teams who were supposed to win (aka UNC and Florida State) lost on Saturday. Here’s me as a Wolfpack fan, hoping that this makes all of NC State’s “terrible losses” seem ok. OH, also, Coach K is not happy with his squad.



On NC State Beating Duke: The game happened last Monday, so I didn’t get to include it in the previous week’s roundup. Despite being embarrassed by Louisville on the road yesterday, this is still relevant. The Wolfpack hadn’t won at Cameron since 1995.


On Donald Trump’s Week: Oh man. What a week for Trump. The president is for real trying to find money to build a ginormous wall, and also wants to ban Muslims from coming into the United States. Every time I look at his face, I get more and more repulsed.


Triangle-Related Shenanigans:


LOL Tweets of the Week:


Cash Me Ousside: In the past week, this insane girl became an Internet sensation after appearing on Dr. Phil and making a fool out of herself. I’m going to link to her Instagram, because it’s that good.


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