ALLLL THE POLITICS, OH MY GOD. I don’t know about you, but I’m happy that the Inaugural Week (as I’m dubbing it) is officially over. It took me an hour to get to PNC Arena on Saturday afternoon as a result of the traffic from the Women’s March in downtown Raleigh. My apartment is 10 minutes from the stadium.

With that being said, there was obviously a lot of things that occurred over the past week, including a grand farewell to the Obama family that was followed up with an ushering in of the Trumps. God help us all.

Here’s this week’s Twitter Roundup featuring all things Trump, women-y, and sports related.

On the Inauguration: A lot fewer people showed up for good ole’ Donny’s inauguration than they did for Obama. Michelle and Melania has an awkward exchange. Trump’s hair survived the weather. Oh, and Trump’s White House press secretary instantly became a meme for blatantly lying.

Relevant Splicer Memes:

On the Women’s March: All throughout the country, women and men took to the streets to send a message about women’s rights in order to provide a counteraction to Trump’s views on the matter. I feel a certain way about this one, but I’m not going to give you guys my political BS, so I’ll spare you.

On Triangle Basketball: I’m going to leave this category with a very simple question that needs an answer. Is NC State’s season over after losing to Wake? I’m NC State’s hype man, so I’m going to leave this one up to you guys. Duke and Carolina both won over the weekend if you cared. Jamie Luckie SUCKED so hard, Grayson Allen dislocated (?) his pinky finger, and Roy got to 800 career wins.

NC State:



On the Falcons Winning the NFC Championship: After defeating the Packers during the playoff game yesterday, the Falcons are headed to the Super Bowl. I’m asleep before 10:30 on work nights, and therefore, will not be staying up to see who won the Patriots/Steelers game. LOL SORRY, but I did find a good tweet that will be funny no matter what. All I have to say is that Atlanta has been LIT this year.

LOL Tweets of the Week:


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