Super Bowl

Well, this morning I woke up roughly $60 poorer and 10 pounds heavier. I am all on board with those who think that the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday. Let’s be real. We all knew Tom was going to pull it off. I was rooting for the Patriots as a Wolfpacker, but I honestly didn’t really care about the outcome. I hope you all had fun and ate way too much and drank too much as well. Here’s this week’s Twitter Roundup featuring The Super Bowl, Chapel Hill’s water crisis, and Beyoncé’s big announcement.

On Super Bowl LI: As previously mentioned, I was just there for Jacoby and Joe. Now all of Falcons fans know how it feels to be an NC State fan when you crap the bed. I must admit that I almost turned the game off after halftime when the Falcons were up 28-3. In Tom we trust.

On The Halftime Performance: MAKE LADY GAGA GREAT AGAIN. I feel like my entire timeline was divided. Half loved her and half hated her. Either way, the performance brought some great tweets and that woman also has hops.

On Chapel Hill’s Water Crisis: Officials deemed the water not safe to drink in the town after a water main broke on Friday afternoon. As a result, all of UNC’s athletic events had to be moved, including UNC vs. ND to the Greensboro Coliseum. As of Saturday night, everything was mostly back to normal. Who knew water could ruin a weekend?

On Trump’s (NOT A) #MuslimBan and Other Things: Even though the president insists that the ban isn’t specifically in reference to those associated with the Islam religion, it sure seems to look like that. Meanwhile, Donald can’t stay off of Twitter.

On Beyoncé’s Announcement of Twins: The Queen is pregnant with twins. And she informed the world on the same day as National Signing Day, immediately stealing its shine. I’ll take Magenta and Mauve for $800 for baby names, please.

LOL Tweets of the Week:

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