HELLO! Happy Monday. Hopefully, you’re reading this from bed while working at home today thanks in part to the 6 inches of snow that we most definitely did not get in Raleigh. With that being said, we DID get enough ice to result in me getting to work from home today, so I’m ok with it. Here’s this week’s Twitter Roundup featuring Snowugghhh, NCSU vs. UNC, and more.

On Snoowwugghh: Raleigh was promised between 4-6 inches of snow throughout the entire week. I even went and bought gloves, only to be extremely disappointed. When I woke up at 9 am on Saturday, there was roughly a half of an inch instead. I could still see the grass near my apartment. I did get a cool picture from Fayetteville Street, but that’s about all I have to show for THE (NON)SNOW.

On the Cold: Aside from the snow, it was also FREEZING for the entirety of the weekend. Us Southerners aren’t used to anything like this, so, of course, it was heavily tweeted about.

On NCSU vs. UNC: The Pack played Virginia Tech on January 4, and absolutely dominated them. Then the game against UNC happened. I wasn’t even mad or sad. I simply just sat and laughed. The Heels beat NC State by FIFTY-ONE, 51, fffiiiifffffffttyyyyy one, yes, 51 points at the Dean Dome on Sunday after Saturday night’s original tip time of 8 pm was rescheduled due to weather-related concerns. It was ugly. It was awful. I am embarrassed as a State fan, but I’m still not freaking out because it’s three games into ACC play. However, UNC fans have FULL bragging rights until February 15 when they come to PNC.

On Grayson Allen’s Return: College basketballs most hated is back. I mean, even Cook Out took a shot at Grayson Allen. The junior made his return for the Devils against Georgia Tech, and it was all anyone wanted to talk about for a day. Coach K also officially had back surgery, and Capel took over as temporary head coach.

On Roy Cooper: We have a new governor! With McCrory out of office, Cooper has officially begun his new job. Nothing like starting a new job with having to deal with a state of emergency and a canceled inauguration ceremony.

Lol Tweets of the Week:

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