Welcome to the week of sports. And in not so shocking news, things that Trump also said or did. Even though it’s Monday, I’m super excited because it’s ACC Tourney week. I’m in my office at the moment but wishing I was headed to Brooklyn. Oh well, goals for next year? I hope you all have a great week binge watching basketball. If you don’t like sports, go enjoy the 70-degree week we are supposed to have.

On Duke vs UNC Round Two: Chapel Hill got its revenge in the Dean Dome on Saturday night. Undefeated at home. Michael Jordan in the House. Kennedy crying over his bestie Britt. No. 1 in the ACC. GDBATH, AMIRIGHT?!


On MJ and His Golden Statement: To take UNC vs. Duke a step further, the notorious Michael Jordan was in the house and told everyone that “the ceiling is the roof” in reference to UNC football’s switching over to Jordan Brand rather than Nike. Twitter was more than lit as a result.

Lol Tweets of the Week:


On Trump’s Accusations and Things: Trump is BACK AT IT AGAIN, but this time he’s accusing Obama of wiretapping his phones during the election. All I can say is that he reminds me of the paranoid people who are convinced everyone is out to get them. Definitely someone who seems fit to be president.

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