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Hello everyone. It’s Monday and the Affordable Care Act is still in place and UNC is Final Four bound thanks to Luke Maye. March Madness gone right. Aside from that, random things happened throughout the week inside and outside of the area. Apologies for the lack of a roundup last week. With that being said, here’s this week’s Twitter Roundup featuring lots of college basketball, Trump’s failed health care plan (for the time being), and more.

On the NCAA Tournament: Not one single team that I chose for my Final Four is left. Who would have thought that South Carolina would be in the Elite Eight and now Final Four? I’d love to see rednecks celebrating. And then we’ve got the rematch of Kentucky vs. UNC, which was incredible.

On the GOP’s Healthcare Plan That Didn’t Pass: One of Trump’s number one goals heading into office was to get rid of the Affordable Care Act. Newsflash: The Republicans couldn’t get it done. This means that the “massive” savings from the Affordable Care Act meaning tax cuts for middle-class and corporations aren’t happening as planned.

LOL Tweets of the Week:

On United Airlines’ Debacle: A gate agent from United Airlines decided not to let two girls on a plane Sunday morning because, wait for it, they were wearing leggings. Apparently, United has the right to refuse passengers who “aren’t properly clothed.” Whatever that means. Of course, the Internet LOST it. I would have gotten tackled by TSA if someone told me I couldn’t wear leggings on a plane. Tf you mean, fam?

On Triangle-Related Shenanigans:

On the Hiring of Kevin Keatts: It happened last weekend, but I feel like people are taking NC State’s new hire well. I’m excited as a Wolfpack fan to see what happens. Here’s to hoping no one transfers out. NCAA TOURNEY WINNERS 2018!!!!

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