Twitter Roundup: HB2 non-repeal

It’s Monday morning and Christmas is over. That’s probably the most depressing statement I’ve written in a while. It’s actually disheartening to think that we essentially have to wait another year to get as much time off as most of us just did/are still taking advantage of. Hopefully you’re not back at work yet, but if you are – here are some tweets from the past week that should be appreciated, including everything you need to know about the HB2 non-repeal and NCAA allegations. For the first time ever, I’m featuring myself in my Christmas category because there is nothing better than my dog in a Santa suit.

Holiday Tweets: This year was my first Christmas with an official salary. I owe the IRS $600 dollars in taxes from freelancing, but I decided to max out my credit card on presents for my family instead. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME, WITH LOVE FROM MY CREDIT CARD BILL. I hope you all had a great time with family and friends.

On the NCAA’s Third Set of Allegations Against UNC: Honestly, DIS TEW MUCH. I truly do have a hard time keeping up with this situation in its entirety. Thanks to Twitter, I am aware of what’s going on. A special shout out to Joe Ovies for breaking it down in 140 characters for those of us who don’t want to read pages of documents.

On the HB2-related Mess: Here’s the long story short: The city of Charlotte completely repealed the non-discrimination ordinance that led to the creation of House Bill 2 in hopes that the state would then repeal the bill in full. A special session was called, and the bill was not repealed after hours of debate and arguing. Sigghhhh. Good luck to you, Roy Cooper.

On Grayson Allen’s Freak Out: This gets an entire category in and among itself. Against Elon, Duke’s star player tripped one of his opponents for the third time in the past year. He then followed it up on the bench with kicking and screaming. Widely talked about but never punished the first two times, Coach K brought down the hammer after the media and fans lost it post-Elon trip by suspending Allen indefinitely. Give me alllll the temper tantrums.

LOL Tweets of the Week:

Other Triangle-related Shenanigans:

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