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The ACC Tournament is over, and it didn’t snow enough to cancel work today. Life is hard. However, we did have a great week last week with lots to talk about. Here’s this week’s Twitter Roundup featuring all things ACC Tourney, Selection Sunday, snow, and Daylight Savings Time.

On The Snow: I woke up on Sunday to a dusting of snow in Raleigh, and instead of being happy, I rolled my eyes. I’m ready for spring, but not for pollen. It was melted a few hours later, but of course, people had much to say about it.

On Daylight Saving Time: I’m just glad Daylight Saving Time didn’t fall on a work day because then I’d be really upset. Sundays are for getting your life together, so I didn’t mind losing an hour of sleep just to stay in bed all day.

On The ACC Tourney: Who else was shocked that UNC lost to Duke? Better yet, who else was shocked that NC State got out after the first day?! (That’s a joke). Regardless, Duke is your winner of this year’s ACC Tourney, being the first No. 5 seed in history to have ever won. While the staff and Barclay’s Center might have been a great host, I’m thinking that New York City itself might not have been the best choice in regards to ACC fan bases. WE WANT GREENSBORO BACK.

On The Actual Games and Things:

On Brooklyn:

On Other Shenanigans:

On Selection Sunday: Let the controversy begin. March Madness is upon us. The stage for the big dance has been set, and both UNC (No. 1 seed) and Duke will play in Greenville, SC for the first round of the NCAA tournament. I’m calling VCU to win it all. What’s a 10-seed? I’ve never been good at betting though, so don’t make your brackets based off of my knowledge.

LOL Tweets of the Week:

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