In February, we convened an all-star panel of veteran ACC media to select our inaugural class for the ACC Men’s Basketball Hall of Fame.

Now, it’s time to open the Hall doors for the best in ACC football.

The rules, in short, are that anyone who played in the ACC is eligible. That means that players (such as Charlie Justice) who played for an ACC school before the league was formed are out. So are players like Deion Sanders, Jim Brown and Doug Flutie, who played for current ACC schools prior to the school joining the league.

Much like in basketball, our panel had very different opinions. Ballots included as many as 35 players and as few as five. A total of 67 players and 10 coaches received votes. About the only thing the voters seemed to agree on is that, with more players on each team and more parity in the league, football voting was much harder than basketball.

When the dust cleared, seven players made the cut by getting mentioned on at least 75 percent of ballots. One player was a unanimous choice.

We’ll have profiles and plaques next week, but for now, here they are, the ACC Football Hall of Fame class of 2017:

CHARLIE WARD, Quarterback, Florida State 100%

ROMAN GABRIEL, Quarterback, NC State 75%

RANDY WHITE, Defensive end, Maryland 75%

TED BROWN, Running back, NC State 75%

DON MCCAULEY, Running back, North Carolina 75%

CLARKSTON HINES, Wide receiver, Duke 75%

DERRICK BROOKS, Linebacker, Florida State 75%

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