Photo by @WNFIV

Photo by @WNFIV

What a couple of weeks for water. Add up three pesky water main breaks with reports of a 6″ rainfall and Crabtree Creek rising more than 12 feet in just a couple of hours on a recent Saturday night, and Raleigh seemed closer than ever to achieving the ITB1 moat @WNFIV2 so clearly covets.

The rain was no joke: disaster tweets were flying, and the floods even affected one Raleigh & Company writer.

Good thing this week brings a flood of good: the 10th annual Raleigh Typhoon on July 30, one of the area’s largest scavenger hunts of the year.

It’s a fundraiser for Activate Good, with emphasis on FUN. All the proceeds benefit the non-profit, focused on connecting volunteers to help 340+ charitable causes in the Raleigh area.

Over the past nine years more than 2500 people have participated as individuals and teams to scout out items, answer challenging trivia and perform “tons of fun tasks” while traveling between myriad downtown Raleigh bars, restaurants, shops and landmarks.3 All in the hopes of capturing prizes, and bragging rights. Costumes are encouraged, and rewarded.

Amber Smith, Activate Good’s executive director, explains it well. “From lip syncing to ladder golf, word searches to acrobatics, rickshaws to rhymes, the Raleigh Typhoon is designed to be challenging, entertaining, educational, and most of all — fun!”

That all sounds great in a press release, but an event this big really needs an insider’s perspective. On a late Tuesday evening I put out the call, and I got a quick succession of answers from the ultimate insider…


Which I responded to in the middle…

Before realizing @WNFIV was flooding my timeline with the plot from The Mighty Ducks.4

Shaking my head, and laughing, I went back to research the old-fashioned way — emailing the press contact.

Here’s Molly Rivera’s story about her experience the past two years:

“The Raleigh Typhoon is an extraordinary way to experience Raleigh businesses, restaurants, and watering holes. I got to visit local businesses I had never been to before. And of course, while you are exploring the city, you and your team also complete challenges at each stop.

Last year my team wrote an original play about a zombie apocalypse that destroyed all but local cats, played with water balloons, sang karaoke, and built a tower out of beer cans, among many other activities. The challenges range from downright silly to actually super hard, but they are all in good fun.

imageWe had a predetermined team, myself and 7 friends. As creative team names are encouraged, we called ourselves the Scavenger Catz (and did actually dress up like cats all day).

My tip to teams would be this: Before you begin, decide as a team if you’d like to be a competitive or more leisurely team. The hunt can be tough — you must complete many challenges in a short period of time. So make sure you are all on the same page. Decide if you’d like to run hard and complete every challenge in the hunt (and win!), or if you’d like to go to the stops that appeal to you, and just have a good time.”

Discounted online registration ends July 28. Day of registration, if space is available, will be $20/person or $130/team at the starting point: b.good, 555 Fayetteville Street.

With his creativity and insider connections one can only hope @WNFIV doesn’t field a team; if he does y’all might as well just forfeit before you start. That said, I think the event is safe. I’m guessing he’ll be too busy starting his startup leveraging all that ITB knowledge to compete this year.

  1. For all you 62 people who land in Raleigh each day, ITB means Inside The Beltline, aka 440
  2. For that same audience, @WNFIV is resident expert, judge and jury about ITB life
  3. As a heads-up to veteran Typhooners, the game format is a little different this year
  4. That’s what I get for trying to be coherent past 11:30 p.m.
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