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“Do you remember the 21st night of September?”
~ Earth, Wind & Fire, September 1978

Fast forward 36 years. You’re going to remember a whole lot more about September in Raleigh than just Sunday the 21st.

Raleigh’s rocking festival season amps up to warp speed this fall, with 20+ events in just over 30 days. A whole month isn’t even enough to contain it all: Raleigh’s “M.A.I.N. Event” sneaks in at the end of August and spills over through the first few days of October.1

An Innovate Raleigh initiative, the M.A.I.N. Event “celebrates a month of music, art, innovation and NOISE,” bundling existing festivals, conferences, concerts and more into one tightly wrapped package.

It’s one all of us will enjoy unwrapping: young, old or somewhere in the middle, with a predicted 400,000 party-goers. Whether you’re catching a buzz at the Downtown Farmers Market Buzztival celebration of all things bees, at one of the 150+ live music venues in the Hopscotch lineup, or experiencing all the brain waves floating around NC DataPalooza, it won’t be possible to escape the vibrant energy in downtown Raleigh. Just take a walk down Fayetteville Street and soak it all in.

“Say do you remember
Dancing in September
Never was a cloudy day”

We can only hope. With this much fun booked on Raleigh’s calendar there’s no time for raindrops. Or sleep. That’s what winter is for.

  1. It didn’t make sense to waste cyberspace listing all of the events here. Click through for all the M.A.I.N. details or follow @raleighMAIN.
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