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It’s all well and fine to live in a vibrant, it’s-always-happening sort of place, but sometimes that kind of popularity can turn to the dark side — like when you have to turn your bank account inside out to avoid FOMO1 moments because so much amazing music is on stage. Now, next week, next month, next fall. So little time, so little cash and so, so much I’d love to listen to live.

When the announcement for Dave Matthews Band at Walnut Creek came across my email, I did a little dance. Not one, but two sets: one acoustic, one electric. If you’ve never been, DMB in-concert is like taking a sensory trip outside your soul. It is incredible talent and showmanship that always leaves you wanting more. Tickets went on sale, I scored great seats, life is good.

A few weeks later I’m scrolling through Twitter and see a @NewRaleigh tweet that Beck is coming to Red Hat. OMG. I haven’t stopped playing his new album Morning Phase since I downloaded it.2 Remember when you used to buy a record and listen to it over and over and over again? That was me the past few weeks. My teenagers were even complaining: “Mom, are you playing that AGAIN?” Usually, they’re too self-absorbed with whatever electronic device is in their hand to notice. Maybe I have been a little obsessed.

So if I did a little dance about DMB, I could’ve dunked a basketball when I read about Beck. And I stretch to 5’6″ on a good day. Then I looked at the date again. Something sounded vaguely familiar about July 23…

OMG again. Same night as DMB. Unbelievable.

So, I did the logical thing when Beck tickets went on fan presale. I bought them. Great seats; heavy sigh. Now what?

Not even “May the Fourth Be With You”-level of energy could turn around this dilemma. I guess I’ll just have to clone myself to be in two places at once on July 23. Either that, or my daughter will be happy to get the leftover tickets. Whichever ones they are. Stay tuned…

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