“Food is a great uniter.”

Everyone eats. But not everyone has access to real food.

The quote is from Hannah Ross‘ lightning round presentation at CityCampNC, and the two following statements underpin the ambitious idea to create the Raleigh Food Corridor: a just-getting-started joint vision between Community Food Lab and the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation, with heavy support from numerous volunteers, to create a community food system.

Stretching from Raleigh City Farm on the north side to the Inter-faith Food Shuttle to the south along Blount and Person Street, the 2-mile long Raleigh Food Corridor addresses local food accessibility and insecurity while building a community bridge to link two disparate neighborhoods in downtown Raleigh.

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Imagine a cluster of food-related public and private ventures…an immovable feast tied together geographically serving to unite neighbors, businesses and visitors in a celebration of all things food. In the ground, in the kitchen, in the streets, on the table. Great short- and long-term ideas and ventures feeding off each other, growing side by side while creating new economic opportunities for those who want to join in.

Ready to get a taste of the Raleigh Food Corridor for yourself? Then check out the (second) Second Saturday celebration on June 14. Second Saturdays are all-day events through November to showcase food-related local events such as pop-up markets, city food walks, urban farms, community gardens and hands-on fun.

Sign up to join Erin White as he leads the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation’s “Movable Gathering for Good” urban walking tour starting at 9 a.m., volunteer to build a shade structure in Urban Eden at Inter-faith Food Shuttle from 8:30-11:30, or get into DIY salsa from 10-2 at Centro. If you’re missing Happy+Hale while they’re on hiatus you can get your fix at the Stanbury Escazu pop-up market along with bread, chocolate, seafood, and a beverage from the Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar.

Fun. Food. Fresh. Festive.

It couldn’t get much more “Raleigh” than that.

 images via Community Food Lab

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