extension cord

he remembered later that afternoon

i forgot what i wanted to say

he thought to himself inside his own head

surely no one else’s

as he fought to coil the extension cord

and soon gave up the idea and

shoved the wild thing

the cord of copper and poly vinyl chloride

not his forgotten thought

onto a shelf inside the backyard shed.

* * *

’i’m not sure that’s a color’

trees are made of green and brown
at least this time of year and
water usually seems to be made of
blue unless it’s at the beach and then
it gets all green but not like the trees
and i am made of freckles.

* * *

if dis is multiple choice imma guess ‘c’

love is one of them thangs
that don’t make no sense
makes all of da sense because
it’s da easiest answer in da world
da hardest one to get right
ya know?

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