The 4th of July is in the rearview mirror. Back to School sales are cranking up. You can’t tell if your shirt is soaked from rain or sweat.

It’s mid-summer (or even a little past, depending on what your family calendar looks like) and we’re running out of hours before Labor Day fast. Don’t worry–we’ve got the Raleigh Mid-Summer Checklist to help you make every day count. Don’t let summer pass you by, fit these in between now and September.

(one man’s) Summer checklist….see how high you can get your total

-visit Goodberry’s (+1) on your favorite flavor of day (+3) in Australia? (+10)

-outdoor movie (+1) at NC Art Museum (+2) with a family member (+3)

-catch a baseball game in Durham, Zebulon, or Holly Springs (+1 each, +5 all three) catch some fireworks (+2) catch a foul ball (+5)

-have a beverage on the PR patio (+1) enjoy the special weekend menu (+3) drink a Schlitz (if 21 or older) (+4)

-drive to the beach (+1) in a convertible or jeep with the down down/off (+2) stop for local BBQ (+3) and buy seafood for that night’s dinner from a roadside stand (+10)

-actually swim (as opposed to “hang out”) at the pool (+1) go off the high dive (+3) eat a frozen candy bar during a pool break (+4)

-play tennis (+1) after dark, under the lights (+3) and pick up the trash around the courts after (+10)

-ride a carousel at Chavis or Pullen Park (+2) for the first time (+4) and post a selfie (-1)

-eat fresh fruit (+1) from your own garden (+2) or at the State Farmer’s Market (+3) or City Market Produce (+4)

-listen to Beach Music (+1) at North Hills (+2) at the beach (+3) via the outstanding long-running radio show On The Beach (+7)

-get outside in the rain (+1) in Nash Square or another place with a great natural canopy (+3) with your car and a change of clothes nearby (+2)

-go fishing (+1) catch something (+4) at Old Milburnie Fishing Club (+6)

-take in a play (+2) with local performers (+4) and have your feelings moved (+2) or your mind opened to a different way of thinking (+5)

-spend half a workday bumming at the pool (+1) without it counting as vacation (+5) and don’t get sunburned obviously revealing your ruse (+3)

-take in a concert at Booth Amphitheatre (+1) Red Hat Amphitheater (+2) or whatever the hell they’re calling Walnut Creek these days (+4)

-take in the Hugh Morton exhibit (starting August 13) at the NC Museum of History (+3) and visit the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame while you’re there (+3) on an incredibly hot, muggy day when the AC feels extra nice (+6)

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