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Good morning, beautiful people. I hope you all had great weekends filled with lots of sleep and food. Idk, those are my two favorite things so I’m just assuming you enjoy those as well. Anyway, here’s everything that was relevant on Twitter from the past week including the NFL Draft, the exponential amount of rain the Triangle received, and my personal favorite – Fyre Festival.

On The Fyre Festival: I couldn’t sleep on Friday night at 3 AM. Instead, I searched the hashtag #fyrefestival and found myself still reading tweets two hours later. In case you haven’t heard of Fyre, it was supposed to be a tropical festival arranged by Ja Rule and promoted by Instagram models and celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Tickets were priced anywhere from $1,000 to $12,000. Instead, it ended up being a nightmare similar to Hunger Games. Come on, y’all. Haven’t we learned not to trust Kendall after the Pepsi debacle?

On the NFL Draft:

NC State: We beat you guys in football!!

UNC: Mitch went second overall. QBUWHO?!

Real talk though, congratulations to all of the Triangle players who heard their names called in this year’s NFL Draft.  Some other cool things happened, like James Connor being drafted by the Steelers after growing up in Pennsylvania, attending Pitt, and beating cancer along the way. And this is why I love sports.

On LDOC and Finals: I would give my left thumb to experience LDOC just one more time. Kidding! Even though I’d now prefer my paycheck, I do miss the days when I could sleep until 12 during the summer after classes were over. Here’s your answer as to why your morning trip to Starbucks might take a little bit longer this week. So. Many. Kids. Studying.

On The Rain: You might have already forgotten about it with the steamy weekend we experienced, but throwback to that time last week when we got three days of non-stop rain. I didn’t eat lunch for two days at work because I refused to go out and grab something in the monsoon. Here are the best tweets concerning the weather.

On The ESPN Layoffs: In case you missed it, ESPN decided to lay off roughly 100 employees last week, effective immediately. The network has seen its numbers drastically decrease over the past year, and had to compensate in some way as a result of contracts and “dynamic change.” It looks like the “Worldwide Leader in Sports” might have to find a new nickname.

LOL Tweets of the Week:


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