Happy Monday! I’m taking a week of PTO this week and currently working from the beach, so excuse my brevity. I hope you guys have a fast work week filled with NBA playoffs, good food, and no more talks of the RompHim. For my ladies reading (and men who secretly enjoy it), don’t forget that The Bachelorette premieres tonight!  And with that being said, here’s this week’s Twitter Roundup.

On the Cavs vs. the Celtics – In case you aren’t aware, the NBA Playoffs are currently underway as the Cavaliers and the Celtics compete in the Eastern Conference Finals. In Game 2, the Cavs and Lebron WAXED the Celts, winning by 44 points. Yikes. Call him what you want, but Lebron is the confirmed greatest. He also doesn’t call the ceiling the roof.

On The RompHim: I debated having my entire roundup be solely about the RompHim. I’m so fascinated and just as equally freaked out by the concept, but I can’t stay away. However, I will say that that’s I’m #jealous the dudes get a zipper in the front.

On the Newest Bachelorette Contestants: As a disclaimer, I don’t watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette. I do, however, love seeing the god-awful profiles for the newest contestants. They always seem to paint the contestants in the worst possible light. Mine would probably read “Kendra, 25, is a digital marketer who struggles to afford rent but still buys Starbucks almost daily.” Catch the premiere tonight at 8 pm.

On Trump and the Russians: First Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. Then he supposedly shared ISIS information with Russians. And the whole, “Did he use the Russians help to get elected?” question is still floating around and being investigated. What a time to be alive.

LOL Tweets of the Week:


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