Part of a great comedian’s appeal is the thrill that comes with not knowing what they’re going to do or say, and Sarah Silverman is a master at making something wholly unexpected hilarious.

Silverman, a comedian, actor, activist, author, musician and national treasure, is playing Durham’s Carolina Theater on Friday and to celebrate, we’re having Sarah Silverman Week at Raleigh and Company.

I’m choosing a handful of my favorite Silverman bits, songs and TV appearances and posting one each day leading up to Friday night’s show. I think the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday choices are excellent, and today’s clip features the best use of a cell phone in the history of late night TV. This Tig Notaro appearance on Conan O’Brien’s show is also brilliant, but I’ll revisit that when it gets closer to Tig Notaro Week.

Right now, enjoy four minutes of Silverman on a 2012 “Conan” episode. O’Brien, like the rest of us, had no idea what was going to happen, which made what happened even funnier.

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