While it’s kind of a bummer that Sarah Silverman Week ends with this post, I’m selfishly happy because it means I don’t have to wait another day to see Silverman live.

Silverman, a comedian, actor, activist, author, musician, producer and national treasure, is playing Durham’s Carolina Theater tonight and to celebrate, we’re having Sarah Silverman Week at Raleigh and Company.

I chose a handful of my favorite Silverman bits, songs and TV appearances and we’ve been posting one each day leading up to tonight’s show. Finding previous entries is as easy as one, two, three and four.

There are curse words and/or blurred images in each of those clips. Today’s choice has one mild curse at the end, zero blurs and takes two minutes and 17 seconds to watch, but people who are dumb enough to be offended by things comedians say probably think this “goes too far.”

I think it’s sublimely unbecoming and absolutely hilarious.

Enjoy this bit from Silverman’s “Jesus Is Magic” special, and I’ll be stealing a glance or two at audience members while my friend and I chat before showtime tonight, so if you’re there, maybe I’ll see you.

That’s it though. Just a quick look. Don’t talk to me. I’m there to hear Silverman.

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