Kentucky Derby

Hi everyone! Happy Monday. If you were anything like me over the past weekend, I spent it being angry that I was back in leggings and a sweatshirt. Where’s the hot weather? Can you please come back? Aside from that, it was a good weekend in Raleigh. I ate way too much at the Food Truck Rodeo and did a lot of catching up on sleep. Aside from random Triangle-related shenanigans, here’s everything else you might have missed over the past week including the Kentucky Derby, healthcare, and Lonzo Ball’s new shoes.

On the Kentucky Derby: I’m always dreaming I could sleep just one more hour, while Always Dreaming is out here winnin’ Kentucky Derbys. The newcomer was bought in 2015 and just made more than $1 million in a matter of minutes. Life is rough.

On the Healthcare Bill: It’s not a law yet, but essentially there’s a bill in place that will completely trash the Affordable Health Care Act that Obama had previously put in place. The new bill won’t require that everyone has insurance, and will provide smaller subsidies. Essentially, everyone is mad. Per usual.

On Lonzo Ball’s Shoe Release: A college freshman from UCLA helped take his team to the Sweet 16. After declaring for the NBA Draft, the dude started his own brand (aka his dad did) titled Big Baller Brand. He THEN released a shoe, The ZO2 Prime, and priced them at $495 dollars. Bruhhhh, Jordan’s don’t even cost that much and Michael is the GOAT. Check yoself before you wreck yoself.

LOL Tweets of the Week:

Other NC-Related Shenanigans: Wicked Weed got bought out by Anheuser-Bush, Triangle players that got drafted began practice, and Smithfield’s employees were accused of being racist towards cops, which apparently never happened.


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