With a new GM, a new coach, the draft, and some off-season signings in the bag for the Canes so far this summer, I thought I should write a few paragraphs—specifically the rumblings and reactions from fans across the web. But since most of these topics had already been discussed ad nauseam on various websites, blogs, Twitter, and Facebook, the prospect of adding my voice to the chatter not only seemed pointless, but less than inspiring. So after reading over my notes for the umpteenth time and basically coming up with nada, what I ended up writing wasn’t an article at all. It was a poem.1

Just remember: Poetry doesn’t always appear to make sense. And neither does Canes hockey.



In An Off-Season of Epic Parenthetical Proportions (formerly of) (culture problems) (contracts)

With a Plethora of Parenthetical Expressions of the Non-Mathematical Variety

(if ready) (if able) (if healed) (if if)

Gleason (Ack!)

(Kidding) (Mostly)

Might I Ask a Parenthetical (Not Hypothetical, But Yes, It Is That, Too) Question?

(And We May Soon Look Back Upon This as an “In Parenthesis of Consequence”)

Is It The Same (Yet Different?)

Or Different (Yet The Same?)

Because It Matters Where You Put Things; In What Order You Put Them;
and What You Leave Out

(Doesn’t It?)


  1. Raleigh & Company’s recent publishing of poetry may have wiggled its way into my subconscious, too. You can contribute poems to RaleighCo at RaleighandCompany@gmail.com.
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